Catching up on the past week

Today: Deadlift 5 x 5 up to 200 lbs. I did a broken final set, 3 then 2. My deadlift goal of 265 is out of reach because I dread lifting over about 200 pounds for 5 reps. I need to make up my mind to either find a new deadlift progression program or to accept I’m not going to reach that goal. I’m conflicted–part of me is perfectly fine with being able to lift 200 pounds for five reps and not more. Part of me wants to prove I can lift 120 kg/265 pounds. Where that goal came from: it was twice my weight two and three years ago when my goal was to lift twice my weight. Then I lost weight. I did lift twice my weight two times in one hour–but by that time, twice my weight was 115 kg/253 lbs.

Then also today:
10 pull-ups (butterfly kips–these are getting smoother)
12 push-press w/ 55-lb barbell
10 KB swings 16 kg
12 push-ups
5 rounds for time: 13:47 if I recall correctly

Yesterday, Wednesday: Lake swim at Seward Park kayak landing (had a great time but did not swim very well);
Body weight chipper, one time through:
Run 400m
25 push-ups
100 squats
25 pull-ups
Run 250m
25 box jumps 20″
25 push-ups
Run 400m
Time: 14:41

Monday: Row 500m x 4. See if you can maintain the pace of your first one.
Times: 1:50.7, 1:59.8, 2:04.8, 2:03.6

Saturday: Swimming at the pool–faster turnarounds than I wanted because there were two others in the lane. This was good for me. I’m getting less winded.

Thursday, August 19:
CrossFit with Anne and Patrick, visiting from Chicago:
Back squats light practice sets, then:

  • run 250m
  • 20 KB swings
  • 20 box jumps
  • 15 KB swings
  • 15 box jumps
  • 10 KB swings
  • 10 box jumps
  • 5 KB swing
  • 5 box jumps
  • run 250m
    Time: I can’t remember–13:something?

Barbell complex

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes: 5 deadlifts, 5 complete cleans, 5 push-jerks.

I used a 53-lb barbell. I wanted to make sure to do each clean the same way, but this made me slow, so I did four of each move for a while and then did only three on the cleans. Twenty minutes was LOOOOng.

Then I went swimming in the lake. It was calm and gorgeous, clear water, not very cold, perfect. As usual I swam out over where it got deep, chickened out and swam back to put my feet down, repeat. I saw an 8-inch fish.

A whole summer in one weekend

Saturday morning: CrossFit (last post).

Saturday afternoon: Swimming at Colman Park on the lakeshore. I’m obsessed with practicing my newly learned crawl stroke and breathing technique. I swam out just a little way and could see the bottom drop away, looking sinister with rocks and milfoil coming up. The water went from shoulder-deep to way over my head in about three strokes. I swam out there three times — just a little way into the deep — treaded water and swam back. I get so scared knowing I can’t touch bottom and can’t grab onto anything that I’m completely breathless and a little desperate when I get back to touching bottom again. But it is so cool to look down and see the bottom fall away that I can hardly wait to try again!

Saturday evening: barefoot pickleball at a friend’s place. Got blisters on the bottom of my feet and seem to have whiplash, but that was really fun! I didn’t even know what pickleball is until then. Basically it’s pingpong and you’re standing on the table (the court).

Sunday: I wanted to go for a long urban bike ride, but I got on the Burke-Gilman trail and got carried away, went to Redmond, swam in Lake Sammamish, and by the time I got back to Montlake where Tom met me, I had gone 57 miles. When I was out in Redmond, following my map to find the swimming beach at Idyllwood Park, I felt that old sense of autonomy I remember having on long non-hilly bike rides. The roads are like a life-size map, and you can go anywhere you want! Just keep turning the pedals! The fatigue is pretty limited when there are no hills. I felt like I could have gone forever. It was so nice and hot outside. And what a treat to go for a swim in the middle. I had my goggles in my bag.

Bikram CrossFit

What a hot day! I love it…

Deadlift 5 x 5 – went up to 200 lbs, alternating grip, chalk

4 rounds for time:
10 dumbbell squat clean and jerk with 2 DB’s (2 x 20 lbs)
Run 250
Time: 10:38

Going swimming now.


So glad I went swimming on Thursday when it was hot and sunny, because for the past several days since then it has been cloudy and a little rainy. On Thursday I had new goggles that are much more comfortable. I swam back and forth about five breaths at a time in front of the beach and it felt great to be able to do it. I saw women come in from a long swim–I had not seen them go out– and tried to imagine swimming a mile or more. It is hard for me to believe it’s even possible! With running, you can always stop and walk or even sit down if you’re just starting out and not used to it. Swimming, forget it, get out in the open water a little way and you can’t stop at all, it seems. There must be some way of slightly resting.


Today I worked on 20-kilo kettlebell snatches just a little bit and mostly did full barbell snatches. I’m going to do some 20-kg kb snatches every day or two and see how “easy” they become, and whether they will make me stronger for the barbell snatch. Today I did a bunch of sets of 3 bar snatches up to 3 x 3 at 55 lbs.

Snatches are really fun, and are one of those exercises that feels really empowering. I always end up full of joy and gratitude at being able to do them at all. [/corny] I do them decently well but not heavy. One of my life goals is to still be doing decent snatches in my 70s even if it’s with an empty bar.


Today we’re working on full-range dumbbell snatches as a skill (rather than doing a heavy lift). Full range means taking the DB from the floor, or as low as you can with a straight back, and snatching/receiving it in a low overhead squat rather than the usual power position. Then we did “Patti”:

30 sec KB swings
30 sec rest
30 sec box jumps
30 sec rest
10 rounds

I used a 16 kg kettlebell and a 20 inch box and scored 361.

Torchlight 5k Run

It was a slow, mob start. By my watch, first mile: 9:27.

Official time: 25:43, average pace 8:18. I finished 22nd out of 190 women 40 – 49.

Doing the math, after the slow first mile, my pace for the rest of the run was 7:45 — faster than I expected; I hoped to finish in 27 minutes. Also, I haven’t run on a track or in an organized enough way to develop a sense of how fast I’m going. I only got a wristwatch a couple of months ago. The pace always feels the same, and only the watch tells me if I was faster or slower than last time.

I run two to three miles once a week along the lake. I should add a little speed training and do another 5k in a couple of months, maybe.