Torchlight 5k Run

It was a slow, mob start. By my watch, first mile: 9:27.

Official time: 25:43, average pace 8:18. I finished 22nd out of 190 women 40 – 49.

Doing the math, after the slow first mile, my pace for the rest of the run was 7:45 — faster than I expected; I hoped to finish in 27 minutes. Also, I haven’t run on a track or in an organized enough way to develop a sense of how fast I’m going. I only got a wristwatch a couple of months ago. The pace always feels the same, and only the watch tells me if I was faster or slower than last time.

I run two to three miles once a week along the lake. I should add a little speed training and do another 5k in a couple of months, maybe.