A whole summer in one weekend

Saturday morning: CrossFit (last post).

Saturday afternoon: Swimming at Colman Park on the lakeshore. I’m obsessed with practicing my newly learned crawl stroke and breathing technique. I swam out just a little way and could see the bottom drop away, looking sinister with rocks and milfoil coming up. The water went from shoulder-deep to way over my head in about three strokes. I swam out there three times — just a little way into the deep — treaded water and swam back. I get so scared knowing I can’t touch bottom and can’t grab onto anything that I’m completely breathless and a little desperate when I get back to touching bottom again. But it is so cool to look down and see the bottom fall away that I can hardly wait to try again!

Saturday evening: barefoot pickleball at a friend’s place. Got blisters on the bottom of my feet and seem to have whiplash, but that was really fun! I didn’t even know what pickleball is until then. Basically it’s pingpong and you’re standing on the table (the court).

Sunday: I wanted to go for a long urban bike ride, but I got on the Burke-Gilman trail and got carried away, went to Redmond, swam in Lake Sammamish, and by the time I got back to Montlake where Tom met me, I had gone 57 miles. When I was out in Redmond, following my map to find the swimming beach at Idyllwood Park, I felt that old sense of autonomy I remember having on long non-hilly bike rides. The roads are like a life-size map, and you can go anywhere you want! Just keep turning the pedals! The fatigue is pretty limited when there are no hills. I felt like I could have gone forever. It was so nice and hot outside. And what a treat to go for a swim in the middle. I had my goggles in my bag.