Deadlifts and bodyweight workout

Yesterday, 6 rounds for time (after multiple L-sit sessions):

10 lunges (5 / side)
12 chest to bar jumping pull-ups
15 lateral jumps over a parallette
5 wall handstand kick-up attempts, hold for a second or two


Today: Deadlift, reverse pyramid
3 x 90
3 x 130
2 x 155
4 x 190
6 x 170
8 x 165

Sunday squats, etc

Back squats reverse pyramid:

3 x 90 lbs
3 x 130
2 x 150
4 x 190
6 x 170
8 x 164

Then a “Nasty Girls” workout, heavily modified, should maybe be called “Not Such a Nice Girl.” 30 air squats, 10 false grip ring-rows, 12 hang power cleans at 80 lbs, 3 rounds for time: 8:14

Wearing the CrossFit Belltown shirt that was a gift from Nadia and Eric!

This week


  • 250m run
  • 25 thrusters (#45/33)
  • 250m run;
  • 25 box jumps;
  • 250 m run;
  • 25 push-ups;
  • 250m run;
  • 25 hang squat clean (#45/33).
    Time: 10:13

Today: Back squats, reverse pyramid scheme
3 x 90
3 x 125
2 x 145
4 x 185
6 x 165
8 x 160

CrossFit plus swimming

Today we worked on handstands, then the WOD was:

Run 500m
25 bent-over rows (I used 33 lbs bar)
25 sit-ups
Four rounds for time: 17:11.

The workout was supposed to have push-ups instead of B.O.R.’s but now that I’ve been to physical therapy for my shoulders, I want to do more shoulder-blade retraction and less pushing for a while.

Notes from the therapist:

Shoulders set forward; humerus in the front part of its socket; hence my front-of-shoulder pain after pushing or snatching exercises. Left shoulder is lower than right.
Shoulder position affects the T-spine — I have a little flexion there that is not desirable.
Neck issues include habitual forward head posture and a hinge at the back left; neck issues affect my shoulders. Front neck muscles are too active, and I have two exercises to train the deeper ones to move and balance the head.
Front muscles such as pecs and delts may be a little overdeveloped at the expense of the back muscles.
I also have hip and gait issues that the therapist said “we will get to.” Wow! I have a lot of fixing to do.

Anyway, after the noon class¬† today I went swimming. I am sloooowly getting more comfortable with the breathing and better able to roll to breathe on the right–the left is the good side. But I’m definitely not gliding. It took me 27 strokes to go 25 yards today. It was the first time I counted; the first time I had the presence of mind to count instead of freaking out about taking my next breath or whether my last breath was adequate.

Swimming and snatching

I went swimming at the pool today. It is not nearly as fun as swimming in the lake… back and forth, back and forth, don’t bump into the other person in the lane… anyway, I hadn’t swam in two or three weeks, but it went well and I was less winded. I’m better and better able to make conscious choices about what to change from one stroke to the next — not that I can always execute my ideas — instead of just getting too flustered to think.¬† I rested outside the pool for five minutes and watched how several different people swam. There was one guy who was really gliding and everyone else seemed barely to progress compared to him.

In the gym I deadlifted up to 5 at 185, way off from a PR but oh well, that’s what happens when I don’t stay on my program. The lifts get so heavy that I get chicken (at anything over about 210) and back off the whole thing. Then the workout of the day was: 10 kettlebell snatch left, 10 right, 10 knees to elbows, 6 rounds. I used a 12-kg kettlebell and my time was 11:22.

No shoulders

My shoulders hurt… they are too tight, and also I think the butterfly kips from “Cindy” last week may have caused some small muscles to do too much work. Today, 5 rounds for time: 8 back squats 85 lbs, 15 v-ups, run 250 meters. Time: 12:00.

I’ve been doing two straddle stretches for adductors which may be causing my hips to tuck in squats; the “life-changing hip stretch” from Kelly Starrett’s blog; and floor-lying shoulder stretches to try to open the chest. I’m not sure that’s the only stretch my shoulders need but I have not been able to figure out all the dimensions in which they need help.


Overhead squats only up to 45 pounds. I don’t do these enough, but when I do them, my right shoulder hurts afterward in a certain position.

Then a body-weight workout –
5 rounds for time:

  • 10 star jumps;
  • 10 burpees;
  • 10 lunges;
  • 10 pull-ups;
  • 10 push-ups.

And… I can’t remember my time!