Swimming and snatching

I went swimming at the pool today. It is not nearly as fun as swimming in the lake… back and forth, back and forth, don’t bump into the other person in the lane… anyway, I hadn’t swam in two or three weeks, but it went well and I was less winded. I’m better and better able to make conscious choices about what to change from one stroke to the next — not that I can always execute my ideas — instead of just getting too flustered to think.  I rested outside the pool for five minutes and watched how several different people swam. There was one guy who was really gliding and everyone else seemed barely to progress compared to him.

In the gym I deadlifted up to 5 at 185, way off from a PR but oh well, that’s what happens when I don’t stay on my program. The lifts get so heavy that I get chicken (at anything over about 210) and back off the whole thing. Then the workout of the day was: 10 kettlebell snatch left, 10 right, 10 knees to elbows, 6 rounds. I used a 12-kg kettlebell and my time was 11:22.