CrossFit plus swimming

Today we worked on handstands, then the WOD was:

Run 500m
25 bent-over rows (I used 33 lbs bar)
25 sit-ups
Four rounds for time: 17:11.

The workout was supposed to have push-ups instead of B.O.R.’s but now that I’ve been to physical therapy for my shoulders, I want to do more shoulder-blade retraction and less pushing for a while.

Notes from the therapist:

Shoulders set forward; humerus in the front part of its socket; hence my front-of-shoulder pain after pushing or snatching exercises. Left shoulder is lower than right.
Shoulder position affects the T-spine — I have a little flexion there that is not desirable.
Neck issues include habitual forward head posture and a hinge at the back left; neck issues affect my shoulders. Front neck muscles are too active, and I have two exercises to train the deeper ones to move and balance the head.
Front muscles such as pecs and delts may be a little overdeveloped at the expense of the back muscles.
I also have hip and gait issues that the therapist said “we will get to.” Wow! I have a lot of fixing to do.

Anyway, after the noon class  today I went swimming. I am sloooowly getting more comfortable with the breathing and better able to roll to breathe on the right–the left is the good side. But I’m definitely not gliding. It took me 27 strokes to go 25 yards today. It was the first time I counted; the first time I had the presence of mind to count instead of freaking out about taking my next breath or whether my last breath was adequate.