Twelve Days of CrossFit 206

On Thursday I did our version of the CrossFit north classic Twelve Days of CrossFit. I took out the bearcrawl, clean and jerk, and handstand for space reasons, substituted air squats, lunges, and box jumps, and rearranged some things to spread the effort out a little more evenly. People completed it faster, in general. I did it in 31:58.

Later that afternoon I sprained my right ankle while running the twelve days for the 4:30 class. Today it’s much better but I wanted to do a lower impact workout: five rounds of 5 chest to bar kipping pull-ups, 10 presses 55 lbs, 6 toes to bar with straight legs, 10 back squats with the same 55 lbs. bar. The squats were far too easy but I just wanted to add something low-impact in between the pull-ups and the toes to bar, to give my hands a break. I didn’t time this workout. It was basically a strength workout for the pulls and an endurance workout for the press.

Max snatch 92 lbs

Had a great time practicing the snatch at CrossFit Lynnwood today with coaches Jesse and Abi, plus Emily, Lisa, Melissa, Drew, Catherine, and others. Abi’s feedback for me was: Lead with the chest more to avoid the hips rising too high; practice snatch pulls to get more consistent hip extension; and practice drop snatches to get more consistent at finding the bottom when receiving the bar. My max lift was 92 but it was an ugly power-snatch-press-out. My best lifts were around 75 to 85 pounds. We were using a 10-kilo women’s training bar. This lift in the video has 25 lb plates and, I think, 1.25 lb plates, so this is 74.5 pounds.


Deadlift 1-rep max; 2011 goals

Today I deadlifted 215 for 1 rep and failed on 220. This was using alternating grip and wearing my squat shoes.

I haven’t had the focus and organization to work my lifts systematically this year, so a realistic and attainable goal for 2011 is to maintain them. I will find 1RM for the back squat and press next, and work each of those lifts every other week for maintenance. I will work my clean and jerk and snatch with the goal of improving them. Individual workouts might consist of either clean and jerk or snatch, plus press and deadlift or press and squat. I will do two workouts a week, thinking this will let me hit each slow lift at least every other week. For variety and assistance I can mix in overhead squats and front squats.

Other things I will work on in 2011:

  • Improving my backbend and stability in it to lift a leg off the ground. I can do this trepidatiously now, not well. Will also try to find progressions to learn to lift a hand, which I can’t do at all now.
  • Got to get my bar muscle-up back!

Yesterday I worked on overhead squats up to five at 68 lbs. I needed to go up to 75 or 80 but ran out of time before a class. I also did 12 Turkish get-ups per side and a couple of sets of bodyweight back squats while Tom was working out.

“Fran” scaled back

I ate a few wheat-containing foods last night and had a migraine today. Maybe a coincidence, no way to tell. I took my prescription Maxalt and felt out of it the rest of the day. With my 6:30 class of one person, I did a scaled back “Fran” with 45 lb thrusters and jumping, chest-to-bar pull-ups. Time: 4:39. I felt I could not handle a struggle with the “real” Fran.

Also because of trying to rehab my tight, impinged shoulders, which are so much better these days after PT and special exercises, I’m still hesitant to do a whole bunch of kipping pull-ups. The push away from the bar and the stabilizing that is involved used to aggravate the shoulder problems so I’m only doing a few at a time these days.

One minute each

On Sunday Tom and I worked out at Mind and Body Pilates and got some especially good abs/obliques work and attempts at doing sit-ups and thrusters on unstable surfaces, which we’re not good at because we never use unstable surfaces in our gym. It was fun and we will probably go back. I hope to get some good abs ideas from Dana.

Today’s workout: two rounds, one minute each of double-unders, wallball 12 lbs, push-press 55 lbs, kettlebell swings 16 kg, knees to elbows, and rest. We kept score on everything except double-unders since about half the people can’t do them. My scores for the two rounds were 78 and 67 and I thought I was gonna die!