“Fran” scaled back

I ate a few wheat-containing foods last night and had a migraine today. Maybe a coincidence, no way to tell. I took my prescription Maxalt and felt out of it the rest of the day. With my 6:30 class of one person, I did a scaled back “Fran” with 45 lb thrusters and jumping, chest-to-bar pull-ups. Time: 4:39. I felt I could not handle a struggle with the “real” Fran.

Also because of trying to rehab my tight, impinged shoulders, which are so much better these days after PT and special exercises, I’m still hesitant to do a whole bunch of kipping pull-ups. The push away from the bar and the stabilizing that is involved used to aggravate the shoulder problems so I’m only doing a few at a time these days.