Deadlift 1-rep max; 2011 goals

Today I deadlifted 215 for 1 rep and failed on 220. This was using alternating grip and wearing my squat shoes.

I haven’t had the focus and organization to work my lifts systematically this year, so a realistic and attainable goal for 2011 is to maintain them. I will find 1RM for the back squat and press next, and work each of those lifts every other week for maintenance. I will work my clean and jerk and snatch with the goal of improving them. Individual workouts might consist of either clean and jerk or snatch, plus press and deadlift or press and squat. I will do two workouts a week, thinking this will let me hit each slow lift at least every other week. For variety and assistance I can mix in overhead squats and front squats.

Other things I will work on in 2011:

  • Improving my backbend and stability in it to lift a leg off the ground. I can do this trepidatiously now, not well. Will also try to find progressions to learn to lift a hand, which I can’t do at all now.
  • Got to get my bar muscle-up back!

Yesterday I worked on overhead squats up to five at 68 lbs. I needed to go up to 75 or 80 but ran out of time before a class. I also did 12 Turkish get-ups per side and a couple of sets of bodyweight back squats while Tom was working out.