Twelve Days of CrossFit 206

On Thursday I did our version of the CrossFit north classic Twelve Days of CrossFit. I took out the bearcrawl, clean and jerk, and handstand for space reasons, substituted air squats, lunges, and box jumps, and rearranged some things to spread the effort out a little more evenly. People completed it faster, in general. I did it in 31:58.

Later that afternoon I sprained my right ankle while running the twelve days for the 4:30 class. Today it’s much better but I wanted to do a lower impact workout: five rounds of 5 chest to bar kipping pull-ups, 10 presses 55 lbs, 6 toes to bar with straight legs, 10 back squats with the same 55 lbs. bar. The squats were far too easy but I just wanted to add something low-impact in between the pull-ups and the toes to bar, to give my hands a break. I didn’t time this workout. It was basically a strength workout for the pulls and an endurance workout for the press.