Workout 3

Today was my third workout of my five that I’m doing in each two-week period.

  • Floor drills (four-limb movements of whatever kind I see online and can imitate — coolest example; slightly more realistic example)
  • Turkish get-ups, four per side with 8 kg and four per side with 12 kg
  • 5 x 5 push jerks at 60 lbs, 70, 80, 90, 95. I was going to do 100 lbs for my last set, but my back buckled a little bit on my fifth one at 90 so I backed off. Recently I have done two clumsy things and hurt myself (the right ankle sprain on 12/23 and the failed one-foot box jump last week), so I have to remember to pay attention and be conservative.
  • In between each set of jerks, I did five toes to bar as slowly as I could and five each side one-leg deadlifts with 35 lbs. I am building skill and those are getting easier. I should be able to go a lot heavier soon.
  • I finished off with some bench push-offs, a slightly explosive modified push-up that I found through Art De Vany, and then a bunch of adductor and shoulder stretching.

Earlier in the morning we had a yoga class, our first one. So, I feel great, but tired after all that.