Squats, “SoMo” workout, and jerks

I was stressed out and scattered and emotional for the past week because of my dad’s health struggle. Instead of doing workout 2 from my program, I took Lianne’s Friday 8:30 class. I did back squats up to 5 at 185 (which would have been part of workout 2), and then we did “SoMo” and my time was 10:42 — more than a minute slower than when I did it at CrossFit Southern Missouri in West Plains.

Today we did yoga with our class at the gym and then Tom and I did some lifting. I felt so weak and discouraged (from my emotional state). I was just going to stretch while Tom worked out, but I decided to do at least part of workout 3. I did presses up to 2 x 3 at 78 lbs, then continued with sets of 3 push-jerks at 90, 100, and 2 x 3 at 105. I can’t do split jerks right now because I’m still favoring my right ankle that was sprained on Dec. 23. It hurts in certain positions such as when it is the rear foot in a lunge.

Then I did 10 hanging toes to bar as slowly as I could and about three tuck-sits with “swinging” on the parallettes.

What I also should have practiced as part of workout 3 would have been Turkish get-ups, one-leg deadlifts, and (in my rudimentary manner) floor locomotion. I’ll do those tomorrow.