Workout 1

Last time I did stiff-leg deadlifts at 185 lbs and hurt my back a little bit. For the first time I experieced the feeling of having a fragile back, thankfully only for a few days. Today I only went to 185 on normal deadlifts.

Warmed up on the rower and push-ups.
3 x 5 deadlifts to warm up: 95, 105, 115 lbs.
5 x 3 work sets: 135, 145, 155, 175, 185. I did two sets of 3 at 185 and two more singles. My back started to twinge so I stopped.
Also mixed into the sets were a chest to bar pull-up ladder to 5 and back down, and 5 x 3 ring dips holding a tuck position. I need to work on singles where I hold my knees up really tight at the bottom of the dip as well as at the top; they droop a little at the bottom and are hard to fix.

Workout 3

Somehow my five workouts have gotten out of order. Last cycle, I think I skipped either 3 or 4. Anyway, decided to do 3 today for various reasons.

4 turkish get-ups per side, consecutive, 12 kg
Weighted pull-up ladder of 1, 2, 3 reps at 12 kg; 4 reps at 8 kg; 3 and 2 reps at 12 kg; and 2 final reps at 16 kg. These alternated with 5 sets of presses:

70, 75, 80, 85, 88 x 3; 90 x 2. Failed on rep 3 at 90.

This workout felt good. I also discovered today that I can do a few windshield wipers two ways: in an L-sit on p-bars (windshield-wiping my legs out and above the bars on each side), and hanging from the pull-up bar (toes to bar and windshield-wiper side to side, rotating the torso at the waist, without bringing the legs down). I never used to be able to do these so that was a nice surprise.

Overhead squats and ring push-ups

I lowered a pair of rings to four inches above the floor and have been having clients work on planks and push-ups on them. It helps them get in touch with how the midsection sags on push-ups in general, and to fix it. I did two sets of five push-ups on them, then set up a six-inch height of weight plates, put my feet on it, and did two more sets of five. I love these! I’ll have to get a photo.

Prior to that, I worked on overhead squats: 2 x 5 at 70, 2 x 5 at 75, 1 x 5 at 80, and 2 x 5 at 85.

Workout 5

On Friday, Feb. 11

There was no pain in the right ankle following the clean and jerks on Wednesday. Warmed up with rowing, kettlebell swings, bear crawl, push-ups.

Stiff-leg deadlift x 5 at 145, 155, 165, 175, 180. Too heavy; twinge in the left low back that kept happening on and off for the next three days.

Then I did the following sequence four times: 7-second L-sit on parallettes, ring supports with rings turned out gymnastics style, 6 ring-row pull-ups with 5-second hold at top between each one, keeping the shoulder blades pulled down. Hard!

Ran two 60-meter sprints. Only two because my ankle started hurting immediately.

Workout 4

Burgener warm-up with 15-lb bar
Bear crawls with push-ups mixed in
I tried out a few static holds from the gymnastic book, but did not do them very much today. I’ll work them into the routine and do them more systematically. The upright hold on the rings with the rings turned out; and the “basket” hold (a partial skin the cat that you just hold, with legs straight and horizontal above your up-facing torso) and pull-up attempts. I tried this on both the bar and the rings. I need to be sure to stay comfortable upside down on those like I always was. Haven’t done enough of that in the past year.

Then, clean and push-jerks x 3 at 95, 100, 105. Cleans only at 110, 115, 120, 125 x 3, then 127 x 1, got excited and skipped ahead to bodyweight, 130, and did two cleans at bodyweight for the first time ever. The first one was really good in that I really got under the bar. The second one was more awkward, as if I surprised myself and did not drop all the way down. Still, it felt pretty decent. I failed on the third one, did not drop under fast enough (most likely also did not elevate it as high because of fatigue).

I really want to do split jerks despite my sore right ankle from the sprain. I can’t throw it behind me into the lunge–or I can, but I favor it, so it won’t work for jerks. So, I’m determined to do the split jerks with my right foot forward contrary to preference. I put the bar in the rack and did split jerks: 65×2, 75 x 3, 85 x 2, 95 x 2, 105 x 2, 110 x 1, then was so psyched at that new heavier jerk PR that I took it out of the rack and did three clean and jerks at 110.

I may have jerked more than 110 years ago when training with Scott at CrossFit Seattle, but I don’t remember for sure, and at any rate had not jerked that heavy in years. This was a good workout! And took 90 minutes! I wanted to run some sprints, too, but better spare the ankle until at least tomorrow to see what the fallout is from the O-lifts, if any.

Workout 2

I went to the ophthalmologist about my irritated eyelid and had a full eye exam, including pupil dilation, which I hate… the irritation in the eyelid was declared to be from the new contact lenses, so I can’t wear them for a month, then reintroduce to see what happens. My optic nerve was discovered to be “suspicious for glaucoma” even though my intraocular pressure is normal and I’ve been passing the visual-field tests at the optometrist. Hmm.

3 x 5 warm-up front squats at 85, 95, 105
Work sets of 3 at 135, 140, 145, and intended to do 150 but I’m not sure if I did or not; then 2 x 5 at 155. Hard but no serious doubt about whether I’d make it. I tried bouncing out of the bottom on the second set, like weightlifters do with cleans, and that distracted or relaxed me enough to make me doubt just for an instant. For the remaining 4 reps I tried to do that a little more conservatively. I am always amazed when they clean something heavy and bounce several times before coming out of the squat. I don’t understand why that isn’t wasted effort. I should try it!

Mixed in with the squats, I did 3 x 10 barbell rows from the floor at 85 lbs. I also mixed in “tucked” ring dips–got up on the rings in a tuck, held the position for 10 seconds, then did 1 full dip still in the tuck. It requires even more concentration and effort than normal ring dips. I did six of the tuck holds plus dip, and prior to that I did two single tuck dips without the static hold just to see if I could first.

I finished with 8 x 60-meter(ish) sprints. My back is tired from the squats and my glutes/hams are tired from the sprints. It felt great to be out in the sun for that — even though I was just out on our parking lot.