Workout 2

I went to the ophthalmologist about my irritated eyelid and had a full eye exam, including pupil dilation, which I hate… the irritation in the eyelid was declared to be from the new contact lenses, so I can’t wear them for a month, then reintroduce to see what happens. My optic nerve was discovered to be “suspicious for glaucoma” even though my intraocular pressure is normal and I’ve been passing the visual-field tests at the optometrist. Hmm.

3 x 5 warm-up front squats at 85, 95, 105
Work sets of 3 at 135, 140, 145, and intended to do 150 but I’m not sure if I did or not; then 2 x 5 at 155. Hard but no serious doubt about whether I’d make it. I tried bouncing out of the bottom on the second set, like weightlifters do with cleans, and that distracted or relaxed me enough to make me doubt just for an instant. For the remaining 4 reps I tried to do that a little more conservatively. I am always amazed when they clean something heavy and bounce several times before coming out of the squat. I don’t understand why that isn’t wasted effort. I should try it!

Mixed in with the squats, I did 3 x 10 barbell rows from the floor at 85 lbs. I also mixed in “tucked” ring dips–got up on the rings in a tuck, held the position for 10 seconds, then did 1 full dip still in the tuck. It requires even more concentration and effort than normal ring dips. I did six of the tuck holds plus dip, and prior to that I did two single tuck dips without the static hold just to see if I could first.

I finished with 8 x 60-meter(ish) sprints. My back is tired from the squats and my glutes/hams are tired from the sprints. It felt great to be out in the sun for that — even though I was just out on our parking lot.