Workout 3

Somehow my five workouts have gotten out of order. Last cycle, I think I skipped either 3 or 4. Anyway, decided to do 3 today for various reasons.

4 turkish get-ups per side, consecutive, 12 kg
Weighted pull-up ladder of 1, 2, 3 reps at 12 kg; 4 reps at 8 kg; 3 and 2 reps at 12 kg; and 2 final reps at 16 kg. These alternated with 5 sets of presses:

70, 75, 80, 85, 88 x 3; 90 x 2. Failed on rep 3 at 90.

This workout felt good. I also discovered today that I can do a few windshield wipers two ways: in an L-sit on p-bars (windshield-wiping my legs out and above the bars on each side), and hanging from the pull-up bar (toes to bar and windshield-wiper side to side, rotating the torso at the waist, without bringing the legs down). I never used to be able to do these so that was a nice surprise.