Workout 1

Last time I did stiff-leg deadlifts at 185 lbs and hurt my back a little bit. For the first time I experieced the feeling of having a fragile back, thankfully only for a few days. Today I only went to 185 on normal deadlifts.

Warmed up on the rower and push-ups.
3 x 5 deadlifts to warm up: 95, 105, 115 lbs.
5 x 3 work sets: 135, 145, 155, 175, 185. I did two sets of 3 at 185 and two more singles. My back started to twinge so I stopped.
Also mixed into the sets were a chest to bar pull-up ladder to 5 and back down, and 5 x 3 ring dips holding a tuck position. I need to work on singles where I hold my knees up really tight at the bottom of the dip as well as at the top; they droop a little at the bottom and are hard to fix.