CrossFit Games Open workout 1

30 double-unders
15 power snatch (ground to overhead anyhow) 55 lbs
AMRAP 10 minutes

I got 5 rounds, 30 doubles, 4 snatches, and was rated 4th among masters women when I posted my results. Right now I’m rated 7th. I worked really, really hard and desperately wanted to quit after round 4! I have a chance to do this workout again tomorrow at CrossFit Invictus but I haven’t decided yet whether to do it. I’ll dress for a workout and decide tomorrow. My back is sore; and I want to be alert to learn during the rest of the day in the seminar I’m here for.

I was so nervous when Stephanie started my workout with 3-2-1-Go — my legs felt weak! So funny considering ultimately it is just another workout. I wasn’t competing against anyone in the room. The fact is I really wanted to do well despite the fact that I didn’t want to feel the discomfort I knew was coming!

Workout 1 plus

Yesterday, Monday, I basically did three workouts. At 3:00 I came in and did a version of workout 1; taught two classes; then took Jules’s weightlifting class and snatched up to 2 at 78 lbs (failed on the third one). Then I stayed for the yoga class.

Workout 1:

– Warm up – row 1000 m not too fast – 4:33
– Deadlift x 5 at 85, 105, 125, 135, 145, 155 (six sets). No hint of back pain. Will stick with this weight for a few more times.
– Push-ups on low rings with slightly elevated feet, 8 sets of 5 mixed in with all the other stuff. Ring push-ups, although unstable, are easier for me than floor push-ups, and I think this has something to do with whatever’s wrong with my left shoulder.
– Ran five 60-yard sprints. This made my ankle achy and tired later on.
– Adductor stretching.

Workout 3

Lots of bear crawl and low side lunges
Turkish get-ups 2/side with 12 kg and 1/side with 16 kg
3 x 3 jerks from rack at 70, 80, 90 lbs
2 x 3 jerks from rack at 100, 110 lbs
Clean and jerks:
115 x 2
120 x 1
125 x 1
130 x 2 (these were my first ever bodyweight clean and jerk – got it on video too)
4 sets of 5/side single leg deadlifts with a 20 kg kettlebell

Workout 2 plus

Yesterday (Monday) I did workout 2: 5 turkish get-ups per side with 18 lbs. Did not use 26 lbs like last time because my left shoulder felt a little sore and somehow not up to par. Then 3 x 5 warm-up back squats at 95, 105, 115 lbs. Then 5 x 3 work sets at 155, 165, 175, 185, 185.  I mixed all this squatting in with 5 x 3 tuck ring dips and with 3 x 10 bent-over barbell rows from the floor with 95 lbs.

Later last night, at 6:30, I took Jules’s weightlifting class and worked on the snatch. My heaviest 3 were at 68 lbs and went very well. No press-out and little power snatching at that weight. Not wanting to power snatch it comes from needing to practice finding the bottom when the weight is heavier. Otherwise, power snatching is fine.

Then I stuck around for almost all of the yoga class. It was a good day. Unfortunately today my left shoulder is as impinged as ever. I try to do exercises that pull the shoulder blades down in back, but it does not seem to help my left one. Maybe I should do even more of them.

“Coaches’ WOD” at Stoneway CrossFit

Today I went at 11:00 to Stoneway CrossFit to work out with Scott Rodriguez and his trainers and friends. I said afterwards that this workout was more of a project than a workout!

5 rounds:
800m run
30 kettlebell swings, 16 kg
7 handstand push-ups (I did half-range ones onto two AbMats stacked up)
My time was 30:13. I was one of the first finishers because a 16-kg kettlebell is lighter for me than the 24 kilos are for some of the guys–I fortunately did not have to  break up any of my sets of 30 swings. My runs were slowish. I was just happy to be able to do all that running, as my right ankle has never been quite ache-free on any one-footed moves since I sprained it on 12/23. It ached a little on the runs but it was slight and never worsened. Fingers crossed for no bad after-effects later today. I had a great time. They even gave me a tank top!


Yesterday I did a WOD from a few days ago.

21-15-9 sumo deadlift highpull and overhead squats both with the same 55-lb bar. Time: 7:40. My quads were “feeling the burn” during the first set of OHS but I did 16 before pausing, then the last 5. On the next round I also rested a moment with 5 reps to go. I did the final 9 unbroken. Next time, 65 lbs.