“Coaches’ WOD” at Stoneway CrossFit

Today I went at 11:00 to Stoneway CrossFit to work out with Scott Rodriguez and his trainers and friends. I said afterwards that this workout was more of a project than a workout!

5 rounds:
800m run
30 kettlebell swings, 16 kg
7 handstand push-ups (I did half-range ones onto two AbMats stacked up)
My time was 30:13. I was one of the first finishers because a 16-kg kettlebell is lighter for me than the 24 kilos are for some of the guys–I fortunately did not have to  break up any of my sets of 30 swings. My runs were slowish. I was just happy to be able to do all that running, as my right ankle has never been quite ache-free on any one-footed moves since I sprained it on 12/23. It ached a little on the runs but it was slight and never worsened. Fingers crossed for no bad after-effects later today. I had a great time. They even gave me a tank top!