Workout 2 plus

Yesterday (Monday) I did workout 2: 5 turkish get-ups per side with 18 lbs. Did not use 26 lbs like last time because my left shoulder felt a little sore and somehow not up to par. Then 3 x 5 warm-up back squats at 95, 105, 115 lbs. Then 5 x 3 work sets at 155, 165, 175, 185, 185.  I mixed all this squatting in with 5 x 3 tuck ring dips and with 3 x 10 bent-over barbell rows from the floor with 95 lbs.

Later last night, at 6:30, I took Jules’s weightlifting class and worked on the snatch. My heaviest 3 were at 68 lbs and went very well. No press-out and little power snatching at that weight. Not wanting to power snatch it comes from needing to practice finding the bottom when the weight is heavier. Otherwise, power snatching is fine.

Then I stuck around for almost all of the yoga class. It was a good day. Unfortunately today my left shoulder is as impinged as ever. I try to do exercises that pull the shoulder blades down in back, but it does not seem to help my left one. Maybe I should do even more of them.