CrossFit Games Open workout 1

30 double-unders
15 power snatch (ground to overhead anyhow) 55 lbs
AMRAP 10 minutes

I got 5 rounds, 30 doubles, 4 snatches, and was rated 4th among masters women when I posted my results. Right now I’m rated 7th. I worked really, really hard and desperately wanted to quit after round 4! I have a chance to do this workout again tomorrow at CrossFit Invictus but I haven’t decided yet whether to do it. I’ll dress for a workout and decide tomorrow. My back is sore; and I want to be alert to learn during the rest of the day in the seminar I’m here for.

I was so nervous when Stephanie started my workout with 3-2-1-Go — my legs felt weak! So funny considering ultimately it is just another workout. I wasn’t competing against anyone in the room. The fact is I really wanted to do well despite the fact that I didn’t want to feel the discomfort I knew was coming!