90 pound overhead squats

Since doing the 90-lb overhead squats as part of the fourth CrossFit Games Open workout, I’ve been doing them a lot more, only taking them out of the rack. Yesterday I worked up to 90 and did several sets of 5, 6, or 7 reps before dropping the bar. I can’t seem to lower that much weight onto my shoulders.

I’ve also been practicing deep dip holds and the concentric part of the dip from that low position, and also toes to bar. I can’t do any jumping or sprinting for a while says the PT who’s working on my ankle. He wants me doing only low impact, ankle mobility, and calf stretching for at least the next eight weeks. This weekend I’ll be doing some power cleans, but he doesn’t have to know that! I’ll stay away from O-lifts for a while. The PT says even a minor sprain like mine can be a year-long recovery before it’s fully back to normal.