Things I saw on this morning’s bike ride

It’s the perfect sunny day! I rode my bike as far south as the south end of Beacon Hill, to a dead-end southbound street (I think 17th Ave S.) overlooking Boeing Field. It was so peaceful down there. The houses on the east side of the street were backed up against a wooded hillside with cool foresty air flowing down from it onto the sunny street where I was. A little trickle of water ran in the gutter and I wondered if it was coming down from the hill and through the houses’ yards. On the way back I saw where the Chief Sealth Bike Trail starts–Shelton St. west of 15th Ave. Next time I go I’ll follow it south. From it I had a view of the entire Olympic range. The whole ride, all the neighborhoods I was in were so peaceful and sleepy, it was as if everyone was out of town on vacation.