Deadlift etc

Deadlift, testing 5-rep max:
5 x 145
5 x 165
3 x 185
3 x 200
5 x 215
5 x 220 (for a calc. 1-rep max of 248)
This is close to my old 1-rep max from two years or so ago, of 253. It felt very solid today and it was great having L. there as a workout partner – great for morale, and fun.

Then we did a 10-minute ladder: 24-inch box jumps and 12-kg kettlebell pushpresses (with two KBs). Do 1 of each, 2 of each, etc. I got up to 11 rounds plus about nine box jumps.


I worked out four days in a row last week and felt great. I also worked more hours than usual. Lianne is on maternity leave and I’ve been covering her hours — but I’ve had excellent help from two new trainers, and this allowed me to work out more than I otherwise could have.

Today Kyle and I did “Christine” after the noon class was over. 13:31 Rx’d. Last time I did this, with Tom about six months ago, it took me a minute and a half longer. At that time I had done little rowing in quite some time. I’m sure I pushed a little harder today also because I wouldn’t want to look like a slouch to Kyle who is half my age!



Back squat up to 160. It was supposed to be up to only 60% of 1-rep max, but I was sharing a rack with two males and wanted to squat the same as they did.

EMOTM 16 minutes:
5 1-hand swing;
5  highpull (this means the 1-hand swing with the snatch pull at the top but no snatch);
5 snatch

with a 16 kg kettlebell. Barely managed not to actually tear my hands; they were slightly sore/abraded the next day but nothing really bad.


Deadlift up to 135 (60% of max), then
EMOTM 10 minutes
5 power clean (75 lbs)
10 push-ups.
My push-ups quickly went down to about 7 or 8 or 6 by the end — we all made a point of taking the 20 seconds rest before the next minute even if we weren’t finished.




5 kettlebell swings 24 kg
5 pull-ups
5 sumo deadlift highpull 24 kg
5 kettlebell overhead press 1 side per round, 12 kg
10 rounds for time: 11:31


Row 500m
80m Sled drag 80 lbs on sled (100 # total)
80m Plate carry 35 lbs overhead
20 pull-ups
20 sit-ups
Row 500m
20 dumbbell thrusters (25 lbs, 2 DBs)
20 1-hand KB swings 16 kg
80m plate carry
80m sled drag
Row 300m
This is the same workout I had my personal training client do earlier in the day, although he is a big guy and went heavier than this.

CrossFit Games Open 11.1 the sequel

Today I helped Lovoka teach the 7:30 and 8:30 classes for the first Games Open workout:

30 double-unders
15 barbell power snatch, 55 lbs
AMRAP 10 minutes

I hadn’t eaten yet today and I used a men’s barbell. I felt fine while fasting, but combined with the thicker grip on the bar I did terrible on this workout, only getting just under 3 rounds! But I didn’t care because fasting takes away my ego and all my anxieties, leaving me right in the moment with seemingly a more fundamental version of myself. I’m reading “The Power of Now” about being present and letting go of ego so I was extra aware of the relaxed, in-the-moment feelings coming from fasting today. I went home at 1:30 and almost didn’t want to eat, I felt so pleasantly present and free of anxiety and daily angst.

I ate anyway, 3 eggs with sauteed pancetta and bulk pork sausage and spinach, half a kombucha. Then I went outside and picked some strawberries, then went to the farmer’s market that started at 3:00. I got two dozen eggs and some lard. This stuff was expensive, sheesh! Next, teaching one more class then going to a networking event. A good day. And it’s sunny.

Fight Gone Bad Plus


10 pull-ups
20 lunge steps
10 toes to bar
5 rounds
13 minutes approx.

Later was drafted into Fight Gone Bad in order to have an even number of people. I love working out with my clients. My score was 244. Sumo DL HP 53 lbs. Push-press 55 lbs. Wallball 12 lbs.

Kettlebell snatch and run

6 rounds for time:
Run 250m
15 kettlebell snatch per side
Time: 19:20.

I hadn’t done any number of KB snatches in forever, and hadn’t run in months because of my perpetually sore right foot–it still hurts only when landing on the forefoot, ever since the sprain before Christmas. The PT said it’s the talus and the navicular crashing into each other. Today I taped it for the first time. I taped it in a way that I hoped would stabilize those two little bones, and I wore my sturdiest shoes, my hiking shoes. The foot did not hurt at all so I’m going to tape it every day for a while and see if it will improve.

I mixed up 16 kg and 12 kg snatches. The first round was all 12 kg. The next four rounds I did 5 to 9 reps with the 16 and then switched to the 12 kg. The final round I did entirely with the 16.

Prior to this workout, I back squatted, using a 1RM of 228 and lifting up to 3 reps at 205 (85 percent).

Catching up

Last night with 3 other people:
AMRAP 20 minutes: 5 thrusters, 7 HP cleans, 10 sumo DL highpulls, 65 lbs (Rx), 9 rounds + 1 thruster.

Last week on Tuesday, by myself:
Overhead squat up to 5 at 92 lbs (a recent PR)
“Fire Truck” AMRAP 12 minutes:
5 dumbbell snatch per side 25 lbs
15 kettlebell swings 16 kg
8 pull-ups
I got 6 rounds.

At CrossFit Carbon, in Illinois, May 25, I front squatted 175 x 3 and did a 10-minute wallball/sit-ups ladder up to 14 of each in 10 minutes.