Kettlebell snatch and run

6 rounds for time:
Run 250m
15 kettlebell snatch per side
Time: 19:20.

I hadn’t done any number of KB snatches in forever, and hadn’t run in months because of my perpetually sore right foot–it still hurts only when landing on the forefoot, ever since the sprain before Christmas. The PT said it’s the talus and the navicular crashing into each other. Today I taped it for the first time. I taped it in a way that I hoped would stabilize those two little bones, and I wore my sturdiest shoes, my hiking shoes. The foot did not hurt at all so I’m going to tape it every day for a while and see if it will improve.

I mixed up 16 kg and 12 kg snatches. The first round was all 12 kg. The next four rounds I did 5 to 9 reps with the 16 and then switched to the 12 kg. The final round I did entirely with the 16.

Prior to this workout, I back squatted, using a 1RM of 228 and lifting up to 3 reps at 205 (85 percent).