Clean and jerk PR

Monday, July 25 in Jules’s class, we went for heavy singles. I started out doing 3’s but went pretty quickly down to singles. Wasn’t sure if my existing PR was 130 or 135, so I made sure to shoot for 137, which I got, then finished with 138.

5 KB swings 20 kg
5 push-ups
5 sumo DL HP 20 kg
5 press (or pushpress) per side, 12 kg
15 rounds

Thursday: 90 minute bike ride

Today, Friday: Attempted today’s WOD and DNF! Could not sleep since the wee hours and am stressed out. I kept starting to feel clammy and couldn’t quite tell if it was just hot, which it was, or if I was about to get lightheaded. I did maybe three and a half rounds and quit after 12 minutes. I haven’t quit a workout in a long time! It was supposed to be:
12 DL
9 hang power cleans
6 push-jerks
5 rounds, 105 lbs (I was using 88, then went down to 83)

Took a hike

On Monday, Lovoka and I hiked Mt. Si. It was a lot harder coming down than I remembered. I hadn’t been hiking in a LONG time. I’m still a little bit sore from it. Today I did a strength workout.

Back squat and deadlift both x 5 at 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, mixed in with 21-15-9-6 toes to bar, followed by 8 x 2 tucked ring dips.

I forgot to post about my swim on Friday. I went to the pool for the first time since last September and found I still remember how to swim, to the extent that I can do it. I need lessons! And I love the fins. I swam several lengths, always with a lot of rest at each end, then put on fins for several more lengths, then took the fins off again for two lengths. I had pulled a small and deep butt muscle last Tuesday with the KB snatches and I started to feel this pull on my second to last length, so I stopped. I was ready to be done anyhow. I like the idea of swimming but I don’t really love the pool for some reason.

Push-ups, run, V-ups

I’ve done little running since last Christmas with my ankle sprain. I ran the Dirty Dash Mud Run last week, turned the ankle again, and was worried about starting the recovery all over again, but actually the foot and ankle have continued to feel stronger. I often stand around the gym on one foot doing shallow one-leg squats etc. to strengthen the ankle. Today is Sunday and I didn’t want to go to the gym so I went to the Garfield track to try a bit more CrossFit-style running, meaning “sort of fast,” and longer than a sprint, but without thinking about where I was going, or watching out for curbs and people. I did not time myself. I warmed up with leg stuff on the track, then my workout was: 10 push-ups, 200m run, 15 V-ups, four rounds. So I ran a mile. While I was doing my first set of V-ups, I heard a little kid yell, “Hey, that girl’s doing squats! Look, she’s doing squats!” I kind of looked around to see if anyone was doing squats but I think he/she was talking about me.

Afterward I did some practice fence-vaults and fence-hops, jumping up and swinging sideways as if to hop the fence. (Little kid: “What’s that lady doing??”)

Before I left I stopped to talk to a guy who was using a TRX-90 knockoff called the Ripton 60. He had his poster of exercises with him. The structure he’d attached it to was made of square tubing but was actually suitable for pull-ups because it fit the hand surprisingly well. I could take a kettlebell over there and do a “Helen” I guess.

Cleans, snatches, box jumps

Today I worked on cleans for a while, after working on them yesterday in Jules’s class. I’ve cleaned and jerked 135 once before, but I’m reliable on cleans and jerks up to about 118, which I did today, using split jerks with right foot forward.

Seven of us from the gym ran the Dirty Dash mud run on Saturday, about four miles of trail and mud with obstacles: at least five walls to climb over, things to crawl under and through, ladders, piles of tires, ups and downs. I cranked my right foot a little bit right at the finish, similar to on Dec. 23 last year, but it has not turned out to be as bad a setback as I was afraid it would be.

So today I worked out in Sabrina’s class with front squats up to 5 at 85% of 1 RM. I lifted 5 at 163. Then we did an ascending ladder of KB snatch and box jump: one of each, two of each, etc. for 10 minutes. I got up to 13 of both things plus 14 snatches. I liked that workout and I love working out in a group!! And having our own gym!

“Mean Tom”

We did this workout last year and someone asked who dreamed it up. I said “Tom did,” and they said, “Mean Tom!” so that’s its name.

15 front squats with 2 25-lb dumbbells or 53-lb barbell
Run 250 m
12 kettlebell swings 16 kg
My time was 15:06.