Cleans, snatches, box jumps

Today I worked on cleans for a while, after working on them yesterday in Jules’s class. I’ve cleaned and jerked 135 once before, but I’m reliable on cleans and jerks up to about 118, which I did today, using split jerks with right foot forward.

Seven of us from the gym ran the Dirty Dash mud run on Saturday, about four miles of trail and mud with obstacles: at least five walls to climb over, things to crawl under and through, ladders, piles of tires, ups and downs. I cranked my right foot a little bit right at the finish, similar to on Dec. 23 last year, but it has not turned out to be as bad a setback as I was afraid it would be.

So today I worked out in Sabrina’s class with front squats up to 5 at 85% of 1 RM. I lifted 5 at 163. Then we did an ascending ladder of KB snatch and box jump: one of each, two of each, etc. for 10 minutes. I got up to 13 of both things plus 14 snatches. I liked that workout and I love working out in a group!! And having our own gym!