Took a hike

On Monday, Lovoka and I hiked Mt. Si. It was a lot harder coming down than I remembered. I hadn’t been hiking in a LONG time. I’m still a little bit sore from it. Today I did a strength workout.

Back squat and deadlift both x 5 at 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, mixed in with 21-15-9-6 toes to bar, followed by 8 x 2 tucked ring dips.

I forgot to post about my swim on Friday. I went to the pool for the first time since last September and found I still remember how to swim, to the extent that I can do it. I need lessons! And I love the fins. I swam several lengths, always with a lot of rest at each end, then put on fins for several more lengths, then took the fins off again for two lengths. I had pulled a small and deep butt muscle last Tuesday with the KB snatches and I started to feel this pull on my second to last length, so I stopped. I was ready to be done anyhow. I like the idea of swimming but I don’t really love the pool for some reason.