Clean and jerk PR

Monday, July 25 in Jules’s class, we went for heavy singles. I started out doing 3’s but went pretty quickly down to singles. Wasn’t sure if my existing PR was 130 or 135, so I made sure to shoot for 137, which I got, then finished with 138.

5 KB swings 20 kg
5 push-ups
5 sumo DL HP 20 kg
5 press (or pushpress) per side, 12 kg
15 rounds

Thursday: 90 minute bike ride

Today, Friday: Attempted today’s WOD and DNF! Could not sleep since the wee hours and am stressed out. I kept starting to feel clammy and couldn’t quite tell if it was just hot, which it was, or if I was about to get lightheaded. I did maybe three and a half rounds and quit after 12 minutes. I haven’t quit a workout in a long time! It was supposed to be:
12 DL
9 hang power cleans
6 push-jerks
5 rounds, 105 lbs (I was using 88, then went down to 83)