CrossFit, swimming, etc.

Labor Day weekend was great. I worked out with Tom’s class on Saturday morning. AMRAP 18 minutes of 10 hang power cleans (65 lbs), 15 wallball (20 lbs). I finished two wallballs shy of 7 rounds. Then I went straight to the beach on the scooter and went swimming, near Madrona, at a little gravel “dog beach.” There was a little chop but I had a great time in the water. The previous day, Friday morning, I had gone to REI and bought a wetsuit and tried it out at my favorite Seward Park spot, the kayak launch on the south side of the park. I swam farther that morning without stopping than I had before. The wetsuit built my confidence and I swam parallel to shore between two obvious landmarks a few times. On Saturday I didn’t have any breakthroughs except that I really enjoyed it despite the little bit of choppiness.

Sunday I rode my bike to Seward and swam (no wetsuit) where the triathletes go, on the north side east of the beach. The water was almost as calm as a pool. I had a breakthrough that time–I swam 7, then 10, then 12 breaths’ distance straight out from shore without panicking. It was great to be so far out, unsupported, and know I could get back without getting anxious.

Monday Tom and I went for a really great hike to Cascade Pass and partway on toward Sahale Arm, just far enough to look straight down on emerald-green Doubtful Lake. Loved it! The air was so clear that day.

Then yesterday, Tuesday, I went swimming with Liz M. at Seward in our wetsuits. A little chop, no breakthroughs, but it was fun. We didn’t need the wetsuits at all because the water is so warm, but wanted to practice with them. (I got mine on backwards on the first try.)