Three more workouts

Catching up! Today:

5 deadlifts (125 lbs)
10 knees to elbows
5 ring dips with a mini band
AMRAP 15 minutes – 8 rounds

Yesterday: Front squats up to 5 at 170 then
15 rounds for time
5 push-ups
5 kettlebell swings and 5 SDLHP, 20 kg
5 kettlebell pushpresses per side, 16 kg
Time: 21:40. Not very fast but I was pleased that I was able to pushpress the 16 kg for all the rounds.

Monday: Deadlifts up to 5 at 190 then
The dumbbell “bear”
EMOTM 20 minutes: 5 deadlifts, 5 HP cleans, 5 thrusters with two dumbbells.
I started with 25 lbs. Prescribed was 40% bodyweight so that was the right weight for me. But after 14 rounds my back had an odd twinge in the right side so I switched down to 20’s to finish.

I dread long workouts, but lately I’ve been choosing to do them just for that reason. I think I’m getting used to them–or at least getting used to the fact that I can always do them even if I’m never the fastest!