Shoulder press: 63 lbs. x5, 70×3, 78×3, 82X2, 88×1, 92×1.
Planned to do 92×2 but I can’t seem to get there!

Pushpress 92 lbs x 5
Wallball 20lbs x10
Kettlebell snatch 16kg x 10 per side
5 rounds, 13:46
All of these weights were right on the edge of what I could control. I used to do 20# wallball routinely at CrossFit Seattle but now my form was a mess, dropping the ball a lot when catching it out of control.

Arboretum run

Today: 4+ mile run-walk-run in the arboretum. I got lost! I love Seattle because I can still get lost on foot in areas I thought I had memorized after 14 years here. I also climbed up on top of a couple of tree limbs along the way and walked on some slippery balance beams (gravel-walk retainers that were wet and algae covered). I started in the farthest northeast parking lot and went northeast as far as possible. I got lost by taking a different return trail and was surprised when I popped out by MOHAI. I had to retrace my steps. Then I explored the part of the arboretum that’s west of Lake Washington Blvd.

Last Monday in Jules’s weightlifting class, I reprised my 100 lb. power snatch from months ago. Power snatch because I can’t overhead squat 100 lbs well. (My butt is writing checks my core can’t cash.)

The previous Monday I set a clean and jerk PR of 140 lbs. This wouldn’t have counted in a competition because of a slight press-out. I couldn’t do it a second time.  I’m working on using my legs better when initiating the jerk–per Jules’s coaching–and I know I’ll get a good 140 jerk soon.


Yesterday in Kyle’s class we were deadlifting up to 3+ reps at 90% of 1RM. I lifted 198 x 4 for a calculated 1 RM of about 225. Then we did a workout of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off (taking turns with a partner) double-unders, wallball, push-press (2 x 20 lb dumbbells), kettlebell swings, and knees to elbows. Four times through. Partner workouts are fun.

Press, push-press, pull

My plan was to press 92 x 3, but I only managed one. I worked on heavy jerks twice this week so I’m probably fatigued from that, so I’m happy that the single at 92 was solid.

I clean and jerked 140 on Monday night, a PR for both, although it would not have counted in competition because of a very small amount of press-out. I tried to do it again after a rest, but when I dipped for the jerk, my back rounded and there was no way. Jules said I dipped way too low–a bad habit of mine. I can’t always tell when I’m doing it. She says: “It’s not so much a dip as a quick unlocking of the knees, and then you push yourself down under the bar rather than pushing it up.” This feels like a leap of faith–who wouldn’t prefer to push the thing up rather than the self down! We drill the pushing-up movement all the time, but the pushing down under is unique to the O-lifts.

Today after I pressed 92 x 1, I did 7 sets of 5 push-presses at the same weight. I worked on Jules’s method of just unlock the knees rather than a major dip down. I started to feel what she means! Unlock the knees and pop them open again to get power from the quads and the bar flies up. Forget about the hips. We put so much emphasis on the hips, but I’ve long believed that in rowing and in jumping most of the power is coming from the legs (knees/quads) rather than the hips. My experience today bore that out.

I alternated the 7 sets of five push-presses with singles and doubles of 20 kg weighted pull-ups. So I did a lot of both. This was a real strength workout and after my final push-presses I felt slightly nauseous. It was great 🙂

Updated to say my left elbow tendonitis (lateral) from three years ago came back after this workout. I assume it was the large number of heavy pull-ups. I favored the left side for several days and it went away again.


Press PR match

I’ve been working on shoulder presses and weighted pull-ups. Today I pressed two reps at 90 lbs, three sets. I was really pleased with this because it puts my 1 rep max at 95 where it was a few years ago. My goal is to press 95 for two reps.

For weighted pull-ups I’m doing lots of singles with the 20 kg.


All I had time for today was some heavy deadlifts.
115 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 5
170 x 3 (meant to do 175; misloaded)
195 x 3
205 x 5
215 x 1 I wasn’t planning to go higher than 205, so I only attempted one rep, yet when I lifted it I found I could have lifted it more times, or one heavier.

After the 205# back squats on Monday the 31st, I had s-i pain on the left the next afternoon. I took one Aleve and it went away until noon the next day, when I took one more Aleve and didn’t feel it again. I wonder if I’ll get the same pain from today’s heavy deadlifts.

Overhead squats, squats, pull-ups, wallball

Friday in Lovoka’s class: overhead squats up to 3 at 90 lbs. Then, 10 wallball (12#), 10 pull-ups (butterfly), AMRAP 10 minutes. 9+ rounds. It was fun trying to keep up with Kyle. He was slightly ahead of me starting after the first round but it kept me moving!

Monday (Halloween), back squats up to 5 at 205 lbs.

Today: shoulder press, up to 1 at 90. Was hoping for three! Also, several sets of two or three weighted pull-ups at 35 lbs and a few singles at 44 lbs.