Arboretum run

Today: 4+ mile run-walk-run in the arboretum. I got lost! I love Seattle because I can still get lost on foot in areas I thought I had memorized after 14 years here. I also climbed up on top of a couple of tree limbs along the way and walked on some slippery balance beams (gravel-walk retainers that were wet and algae covered). I started in the farthest northeast parking lot and went northeast as far as possible. I got lost by taking a different return trail and was surprised when I popped out by MOHAI. I had to retrace my steps. Then I explored the part of the arboretum that’s west of Lake Washington Blvd.

Last Monday in Jules’s weightlifting class, I reprised my 100 lb. power snatch from months ago. Power snatch because I can’t overhead squat 100 lbs well. (My butt is writing checks my core can’t cash.)

The previous Monday I set a clean and jerk PR of 140 lbs. This wouldn’t have counted in a competition because of a slight press-out. I couldn’t do it a second time.  I’m working on using my legs better when initiating the jerk–per Jules’s coaching–and I know I’ll get a good 140 jerk soon.