Yesterday’s food and workout (12/31/11)

12 PM: 1/3 lb ground lamb browned in a little lard with 2 duck eggs and a bunch of spinach
2 PM: 2 Kind bars
6-9 PM: Grazed at our Daniel’s get-together. Sesame steak bites, shrimp in sauce(?), seared ahi, bacon wrapped scallop, 2 glasses white wine.

3-4 PM: deadlifting up to 241 x 3. I lifted it twice, decided the calculated 1RM wasn’t what I wanted, vacuumed the gym, and then lifted it three times, for a calc. PR 1RM of 266. MAYBE I’ll be able to get my long delayed goal lift of 260, for double bodyweight. Hmm… maybe next month at the Rippetoe barbell seminar?
5 PM with my class:
AMRAP 3 minutes – 3 power cleans, 6 push-ups, 9 air squats, rest 1 min, repeat four more times for five rounds. I used 75 lbs and total rounds were 19+.  Fun workout. Then we all went to our happy hour party at Daniel’s and were sent to the upstairs room–awesome.

Food diary 12/31/11

6:30 AM:
1/3 lb ground lamb browned in a little lard with 2 duck eggs and a bunch of spinach
10 AM: 2 Kind bars
1 PM: 1 roast turkey thigh, one chicken thigh, 1 avocado, 10 oz store bought kombucha
7 PM: 0.6 lb steak, lots of asparagus with onions sauteed in lard, 2 glasses of wine



Food diary 12/28/11

8 AM: Green tea
10 AM: 2 eggs with 1/3 lb ground lamb and a bunch of spinach
8 oz homemade kombucha
2 PM: 2 Kind bars, 1 can sardines, 1 apple
8 PM: 2-1/2 small lamb burgers made with onions, egg, and other stuff inside
2 small helpings of mashed yams
1 glass wine

Going to try half the recommended dose of Natural Calm tonight to see if I can avoid waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason (but I’m sure it’s a mild anxiety waking me up/raising cortisol). This will be my first time trying Natural Calm or anything that’s supposed to help sleep. I’ve never tried melatonin.

Food diary

5 strips bacon, 3 scrambled eggs, 1 apple, water
2 Kind bars, green tea

2 helpings of Tom’s sirloin stir-fry made with kale, coconut oil, and chicken stock
2 helpings of mashed yams with 1 tsp of maple syrup (Yikes! What possessed me! No more maple)
This was a super delicious meal! Also two glasses of wine. I’ve got to go back to my recent rule of not having wine on weeknights. So far for a couple of weeks I’ve stayed away from almond butter, which I eat way too much of when I eat it at all, and that’s what I think caused me to gain 5 pounds since early fall. Also I’m off coffee now for a few days because I’ve been having trouble staying asleep. I fall asleep and get some great sleep, then wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 as if it’s morning, and stay awake for a loooong time. I’m going to try Natural Calm magnesium supplement recommended by Robb Wolf for sleeping better, and see if that helps.

Food diary starts today!

Since Thanksgiving I’ve eaten too much and have had some horrendous cheats. Since last summer I’ve gained five pounds that I can see at least some of around my middle. Time to tighten things up again. I’ll keep a daily food diary here on FitNotes.

2 leftover pecan-crusted chicken thighs (recipe involved honey, mustard, and pecans)
5 strips bacon
2 eggs over easy
10 oz kombucha
2 Starbucks Kind bars (blueberry cashew vanilla)
Green tea
2 Italian sausages stir fried with green pepper, carrot, celery, onion, mushroom in coconut oil, plus a teaspoon or so of a pepper “elixir” made by Christina
1 glass white wine
herb tea

Updated – forgot to record the workout. “DT.” 5 rounds for time: 12 deadlift, 9 hang power cleans, 6 jerks. I used 75 lbs and my time was 11:46.

Twelve Days again + squats

Thursday I had a much better time than Monday. I felt better during the workout and was with a group so it was more fun. My time was 29:08, a good improvement from Monday’s 32:32! I still focus on form, same as I described in my 2004 post after doing CrossFit North’s twelve days workout for the first time. If I don’t do my best on each exercise I might as well not do them.

Today: back squats up to 90% of 1 rep max, which is 189 lbs. I did four sets of three, then a max set of six. The calculated 1RM for 6 x 189 is 227 lbs.

Deadlift and “Fran”

Today: “Fran,” 12-15-9 thrusters (65 lbs) and pull-ups (butterfly), time 6:22

Deadlift up to 8 at 200 lbs. If the calculated 1-rep max means anything (254 lbs), I’m very close to my all time PR. I’ll do next week’s squat and deadlift workouts and then when I’m recovered after that, I’ll try to lift 260 once. My old blog entries show 115 kg and 255 lbs as my heaviest deadlifts so I’d like to exceed 255. If I get 260 that will be twice my weight as it is now.



Back squat up to 8 at 189. Updated: this is a PR if you trust the math in calculating a 1RM from 8 reps. The 1RM for this is 240 lbs.

10 push-ups
10 wallball 20#
10 kettlebell snatch per side 16 kg
5 rounds, time 11:50
I said “Again” because this is another variant of a workout I did last Wednesday and the previous Monday.

Last Thursday I front squatted up to 5 at 155 and did a bunch of 20 kg weighted pull-ups — maybe 12 or 13 of them in doubles and singles.

Yesterday I went for a short trail and pavement run in Seward Park in between rains. I saw two really dark black ducks — def. not geese — with almost irridescent green on their backs. I could not identify them from stuff I found online. They had reddish on their bills and they were noisily browsing in a puddle in which they were wading, on the gravel by the lake.