CrossFit Total

Last Saturday, Dec. 3. It was so much fun having 10 people plus volunteers in the gym watching each other lift! I squatted 210 (recent PR), pressed 95 (tied all time PR), and deadlifted 235. Total 540.

The week before that, I worked out three times–on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of that week, but didn’t blog the one on the Wednesday.

Today I redid last Monday’s workout, with a lighter push-press:
5 push-press 75 lbs
10 wallball 20 lbs
10 snatch per side, 16 kg kettlebell
5 rounds; 13:20. I am just terrible at managing that 20 lb wallball! I know it must be a loss in strength, stabilization, or conditioning, but it FEELS like my hands have shrunk and the ball has gotten slipperier! I can throw it up there as well as ever but it’s all I can do to catch it.