Yesterday’s food and workout (12/31/11)

12 PM: 1/3 lb ground lamb browned in a little lard with 2 duck eggs and a bunch of spinach
2 PM: 2 Kind bars
6-9 PM: Grazed at our Daniel’s get-together. Sesame steak bites, shrimp in sauce(?), seared ahi, bacon wrapped scallop, 2 glasses white wine.

3-4 PM: deadlifting up to 241 x 3. I lifted it twice, decided the calculated 1RM wasn’t what I wanted, vacuumed the gym, and then lifted it three times, for a calc. PR 1RM of 266. MAYBE I’ll be able to get my long delayed goal lift of 260, for double bodyweight. Hmm… maybe next month at the Rippetoe barbell seminar?
5 PM with my class:
AMRAP 3 minutes – 3 power cleans, 6 push-ups, 9 air squats, rest 1 min, repeat four more times for five rounds. I used 75 lbs and total rounds were 19+.  Fun workout. Then we all went to our happy hour party at Daniel’s and were sent to the upstairs room–awesome.