Food diary 1/4/2012

After eating only two large meals each during the past two days, Monday and Tuesday, I’m again reminded how much better I feel when I eat fewer meals less frequently. I’m definitely not trying to eat small meals–I like big meals with lots of protein and fat, and it seems easier for me to control how much I eat by eating fewer meals rather than by eating smaller portions. Of course, I don’t know for sure that I’m eating less overall when I have only two big meals, but it feels that way. It makes me feel lighter and leaner after only two days and I feel more relaxed and present in the moment, and more optimistic. My mood is better and I’m less easily stressed out by the unexpected. How often can I eat only two meals? Probably not more than Mondays, Tuesdays, and some Fridays. On Weds. and Thursdays I teach four classes each–very taxing–and don’t want to practice any self denial. On weekends, sometimes it’s practical to have only two meals. I’ll decide each morning whether two meals will be adequate that day.

Today’s food:

10 AM: 3 eggs with 1/2 lb ground pork and a bunch of spinach. 14 oz kombucha. Coffee.
4 PM: apple; 2 Kind bars. I guess this is a meal but it was the most minimal thing I was willing to do before teaching my three consecutive evening classes. I won’t do that fasted.
9 PM: a mess of shredded chicken breast sauteed in coconut oil with kale the same way. 2 glasses white wine. Now it is the next day and I still “feel” as if I only ate two meals on the 4th–haven’t lost that pleasant, fit feeling. Today I will work out so I already ate my normal breakfast, and will probably have the same apple and two Kind bars as a mini lunch again.