Food diary 1/5/2012

9:30 AM: 1/3 lb ground lamb sauteed in coconut oil with 2 eggs and a bunch of spinach. 14 oz kombucha.

This two meals a day pattern feels great. I felt so bloated last week and that’s gone along with two pounds. Probably water!

Today’s workout (10:30 AM):
Back squat 5 x 40%, 5 x 50%, 3 x 60%, max set at 70%
I used 215 as my 1RM and my final set was 15 x 150. Then
20 KB swings 16 kg, 15 box jumps 20″, 10 pull-ups, 5 rounds, 11:56. Just about everybody was faster than me!

But today is definitely not a two-meal day. Two appointments and four classes make me not want to risk feeling distracted/hungry, and the fewer meals in recent days is making me a bit hungrier as the week goes on. In a good way, but not that I want to keep pushing it.

3 PM: .7 lb boneless ribeye steak, kale sauteed in coconut oil, 20 oz kombucha.
8:45 PM: 2 pork spareribs in BBQ sauce from Leschi Market. 10 oz kombucha (store), white wine.