Food diary 1/10/2012

10 AM: ground pork, 3 eggs, spinach, cooked in beef tallow. Coffee.
7 PM: .51 lb filet mignon that I grilled. Lots of kale cooked in lots of lard along with 1 strip of bacon. 10-12 oz of very vinegary homemade kombucha.
8:30 PM: An apple. 9:30 Herb tea with Natural Calm.

This was sooo delicious! I sautee kale in saturated fat (coconut oil or lard) enough so that the kale gets crispy and greasy from the absorbed fat. It’s better than french fries! The strip of bacon in it was something I hadn’t tried before but it made the whole meal feel more decadent. When I only eat twice a day, I really appreciate my meals.

Think all this saturated fat sounds like a really bad idea? I had my blood numbers checked recently. Blood pressure 113 over 67, fasting glucose 80, triglycerides 45, total cholesterol 211 (as it’s been for at least five years) with HDL of 83 (higher than ever). But my favorite result of eating tons of fat (besides the deliciousness) is that my skin and hair are better than they ever used to be. WebMD says “Foods that are high in trans fats and saturated fats can raise triglyceride levels,” but clearly they are conflating trans fat with saturated fat, and it’s not the saturated fat that raises them. Normal triglycerides are considered to be anything under 150 but I never want to be anywhere near that. WebMD also says “Drinking more than one drink a day for women or two for men can raise triglyceride levels considerably,” but that “Reducing saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol in your diet can improve triglyceride levels as well as help manage cholesterol,” once again conflating several things. I don’t believe any of it except probably the part about trans fats–which also travel with processed starchy junk food. Eliminate all starchy junk food and alcohol, and eat the most nutrient-dense whole foods, and exercise, and see what happens to your triglycerides and cholesterol.