Food diary 1/9/2012

2 PM: 3 eggs, 1/3 to 1/2 lb ground pork, bunch of spinach, all cooked in a little coconut oil. Coffee.
9 PM: .7 lb smoked ham steak. Kale stir fried in the fat from browning the ham. 2 glasses white wine.

The two meals a day on most days feels pretty normal, except that I don’t feel like doing CrossFit workouts. Last night I took the lifting class and jerked up to 95, a fun workout but not very intense. Today (the 10th) I walked two miles or so home from where I dropped off the car to be worked on. And I haven’t lost weight since starting this two-meals experiment on Jan. 2. I vacillate every day between 131 to 132 and would like to be 127 to 128 to feel and look my best.

There are two concepts in my mind regarding eating less frequently and weight loss, and they’re contradictory: the cliche (or is it a fact?) that if you eat less, your body “goes into starvation mode and you won’t lose weight.” And on the other hand, I’ve read in low-carb and paleo authorities that eating less frequently is really good for developing and maintaining a fat-burning metabolism; lowers insulin overall; and therefore can help with “leaning out.” Maybe the difference lies in what the foods are and in how severely calories are being restricted. Eating the same large number of calories in a restricted window each day is one of the methods people report “leaning out.” Admittedly these are always youngish males.