Food diary 1/12/2012

10 AM: 3 eggs, 1/3 or 1/2 lb ground lamb, cooked in lard with a bunch of spinach. Homemade kombucha. Coffee

Exercise: 6 sets of deadlifts finishing with 3 at 239. Couldn’t pick it up a fourth time! Calc. 1 RM is 263, still better than I’ve ever actually lifted. We had high rep DLs yesterday. I was very close to lifting this five times today and I think if I hadn’t done yesterday’s workout I would have had it. Then: 30 sec on 10 sec off, 6 rounds, KB swings 16kg, 20″ box jump, 20# dumbbell pushpresses, score 285 (unless I miscounted!).

2 PM: sardines, apple, almonds, homemade kombucha
9 PM: .62 lb spencer steak grilled with sauteed kale, 1 glass white wine. It was a 3-meal day. I’m keeping my lunches small on these days and I don’t have the urge to just keep eating. That is a change.