Food diary 1/13/2012

9 AM: black coffee.
2:15 PM: 1/2 lb ground pork browned with 3 eggs and spinach. Homemade kombucha. Apple. Almonds. Half an hour later I was all bloated in the belly. Somehow I think this was the combination of the apple and the almonds! Next time I’ll try just one or the other.
8 PM: Cheap steak and broccolini and three bites of mashed potatoes, one glass white wine, at Hudson. Later at home, one glass of white wine. It was a two-meal day.

By the time I ate at 2:15 I was hungry and euphoric. Driving home from an errand at U Village at 1:15, hungry, I noticed my mind was darting all over the place about various things I’d do when I got home before going back to the gym. It was a little hyperactive. I often get that way when I’m getting a migraine, but I wasn’t getting a migraine and I haven’t had one in the two weeks I’ve been eating less often. Just a coincidence, so far, I have to think. I was able to calm my thoughts and eat my brunch and relax.