Food diary Saturday 1/28/2012

6:15 AM: browned ground pork with 3 eggs, spinach, black coffee about 8 oz (half my tall mug). Walked to gym.
9:45 AM: Two Kind bars, an apple, a few macadamias, herb tea.

Exercise: 1 minute each: box jumps, push-ups, double-unders, rowing, thrusters (25#), rest, 3 rounds for score. I worked hard. Don’t remember my score.

1 PM:  Three chicken legs from the market, half an avocado, water.
8 PM at The Whistle Stop Ale House (seeing George’s band): a big steak in a mustard/pepper sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, water, 2 glasses of wine.

Went to bed at midnight but read for a while, slept really late (10:15) but not well, headache, jaw pain.