Food diary Monday Jan. 30, 2012

11 AM: a tall americano, black.
1:30 PM: golf ball size amount of bulk lamb sausage from Leschi market browned in a little lard with three eggs and a bunch of spinach. Homemade kombucha. An apple and some macadamias.
Exercise: Heavy deadlifts up to 3 at 225. Planned to do 3 at 250 (90% of my calculated 1RM which is obviously wrong today) but could not lift it off the  floor at all.
9 PM: .4 lb coho salmon fillet, baked with a little olive oil and salt, lots of kale sauteed in 2 T lard, white wine 2 glasses.

Felt like from the waist down I had been run over by a truck. (Fatigue/ache, not injury.)