What I’ve learned the first month

Since January 1, I’ve been eating only twice a day on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays. I started doing it to see if I could slowly lose weight. I may have lost one pound. I’ve learned some new things about my metabolism, and I only had one migraine all month. Now I’m having a period, which came as a surprise. I normally don’t get them because I don’t take a pill break very often. I wonder if my mild intermittent fasting somehow allowed my natural hormonal cycle to overpower the pill just as it changed something in my head that avoided some migraines. I would sure like to go off the pill while I still have cycles.

So, what I’ve learned:
1) It feels really good to delay eating, a lot of the time. This is only true while I’m eating a high fat paleo diet and getting enough sleep and not stressed out. 2) I can sometimes feel when my brain shifts to running on fat/ketones–I suddenly find myself quite alert and sharp after a little spaciness. This feels great. 3) I can’t work out fasted. 4) It’s hard to lose fat! 5) When I eat less often, I appreciate and relish my meals more.