Food diary 1/15/2012

10 AM: Bing’s sweet potato hash with sausage, peppers, 3 eggs, side of bacon. Coffee.

Exercise: front squats up to three sets of two at 185 (a PR). Very pleased! I put a video on Facebook. Then:

Ascending reps 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, etc as high as possible in 10 minutes of:
2 x 12kg kettlebell swing, clean, pushpress. I got partway through the set of 11… I did 11 swings and some of the cleans.

7 PM: .6 lb “American Kobe style” steak from Uwajimaya, kale, 2 glasses white wine.

Food diary 1/14/2012

A long, three-meal day.

6:30 AM: 1/3 or 1/2 lb ground pork cooked with two eggs and spinach. Coffee.
12:30 PM: Starbucks hot chocolate. Two grilled sausages – lamb and spicy beef. Half an avocado. Homemade kombucha.
7:45 PM: 3/4 lb of baked salmon and a huge amount of brussels sprouts roasted with bacon. 1 glass white wine.
12 midnight (after getting home from Allen Stone show): 1 glass white wine.

Food diary 1/13/2012

9 AM: black coffee.
2:15 PM: 1/2 lb ground pork browned with 3 eggs and spinach. Homemade kombucha. Apple. Almonds. Half an hour later I was all bloated in the belly. Somehow I think this was the combination of the apple and the almonds! Next time I’ll try just one or the other.
8 PM: Cheap steak and broccolini and three bites of mashed potatoes, one glass white wine, at Hudson. Later at home, one glass of white wine. It was a two-meal day.

By the time I ate at 2:15 I was hungry and euphoric. Driving home from an errand at U Village at 1:15, hungry, I noticed my mind was darting all over the place about various things I’d do when I got home before going back to the gym. It was a little hyperactive. I often get that way when I’m getting a migraine, but I wasn’t getting a migraine and I haven’t had one in the two weeks I’ve been eating less often. Just a coincidence, so far, I have to think. I was able to calm my thoughts and eat my brunch and relax.

Food diary 1/12/2012

10 AM: 3 eggs, 1/3 or 1/2 lb ground lamb, cooked in lard with a bunch of spinach. Homemade kombucha. Coffee

Exercise: 6 sets of deadlifts finishing with 3 at 239. Couldn’t pick it up a fourth time! Calc. 1 RM is 263, still better than I’ve ever actually lifted. We had high rep DLs yesterday. I was very close to lifting this five times today and I think if I hadn’t done yesterday’s workout I would have had it. Then: 30 sec on 10 sec off, 6 rounds, KB swings 16kg, 20″ box jump, 20# dumbbell pushpresses, score 285 (unless I miscounted!).

2 PM: sardines, apple, almonds, homemade kombucha
9 PM: .62 lb spencer steak grilled with sauteed kale, 1 glass white wine. It was a 3-meal day. I’m keeping my lunches small on these days and I don’t have the urge to just keep eating. That is a change.


Food diary 1/11/2012

Today is the second anniversary of Jan. 11, 2010, when we opened CrossFit 206 in Leschi.

8 AM: black coffee.
10 AM: 3 eggs, ground lamb, spinach, all browned/sauteed in tallow. 10 oz homemade kombucha.
3:30 PM: 1 can sardines, 1 apple, 1/2 cup salted roasted almonds.

Back squats up to 5 at 190
“CrossFit Open 11.2″ AMRAP 15 minutes – 9 deadlifts 100#, 12 hand-release plank push-ups, 15 20” box jumps. I got 7 rounds + 33 reps. I think that’s more than last year. I’m not sure.

9 PM: .6 lb king salmon, baked in oven, kale sauteed with a slice of bacon in lard. 2 glasses white wine.

This was a 3-meal day. The small lunch was perfect. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my busiest days in the gym so I’m not sure I’ll ever eat only two meals on those days.

Food diary 1/10/2012

10 AM: ground pork, 3 eggs, spinach, cooked in beef tallow. Coffee.
7 PM: .51 lb filet mignon that I grilled. Lots of kale cooked in lots of lard along with 1 strip of bacon. 10-12 oz of very vinegary homemade kombucha.
8:30 PM: An apple. 9:30 Herb tea with Natural Calm.

This was sooo delicious! I sautee kale in saturated fat (coconut oil or lard) enough so that the kale gets crispy and greasy from the absorbed fat. It’s better than french fries! The strip of bacon in it was something I hadn’t tried before but it made the whole meal feel more decadent. When I only eat twice a day, I really appreciate my meals.

Think all this saturated fat sounds like a really bad idea? I had my blood numbers checked recently. Blood pressure 113 over 67, fasting glucose 80, triglycerides 45, total cholesterol 211 (as it’s been for at least five years) with HDL of 83 (higher than ever). But my favorite result of eating tons of fat (besides the deliciousness) is that my skin and hair are better than they ever used to be. WebMD says “Foods that are high in trans fats and saturated fats can raise triglyceride levels,” but clearly they are conflating trans fat with saturated fat, and it’s not the saturated fat that raises them. Normal triglycerides are considered to be anything under 150 but I never want to be anywhere near that. WebMD also says “Drinking more than one drink a day for women or two for men can raise triglyceride levels considerably,” but that “Reducing saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol in your diet can improve triglyceride levels as well as help manage cholesterol,” once again conflating several things. I don’t believe any of it except probably the part about trans fats–which also travel with processed starchy junk food. Eliminate all starchy junk food and alcohol, and eat the most nutrient-dense whole foods, and exercise, and see what happens to your triglycerides and cholesterol.

Food diary 1/9/2012

2 PM: 3 eggs, 1/3 to 1/2 lb ground pork, bunch of spinach, all cooked in a little coconut oil. Coffee.
9 PM: .7 lb smoked ham steak. Kale stir fried in the fat from browning the ham. 2 glasses white wine.

The two meals a day on most days feels pretty normal, except that I don’t feel like doing CrossFit workouts. Last night I took the lifting class and jerked up to 95, a fun workout but not very intense. Today (the 10th) I walked two miles or so home from where I dropped off the car to be worked on. And I haven’t lost weight since starting this two-meals experiment on Jan. 2. I vacillate every day between 131 to 132 and would like to be 127 to 128 to feel and look my best.

There are two concepts in my mind regarding eating less frequently and weight loss, and they’re contradictory: the cliche (or is it a fact?) that if you eat less, your body “goes into starvation mode and you won’t lose weight.” And on the other hand, I’ve read in low-carb and paleo authorities that eating less frequently is really good for developing and maintaining a fat-burning metabolism; lowers insulin overall; and therefore can help with “leaning out.” Maybe the difference lies in what the foods are and in how severely calories are being restricted. Eating the same large number of calories in a restricted window each day is one of the methods people report “leaning out.” Admittedly these are always youngish males.

Food diary 1/8/2012

11 AM: Lots of pepper bacon, 3 eggs, blueberries, apple, coffee.

7:30 PM: Bing’s roast rosemary half chicken, sweet potato fries (ate half of them), steamed broccoli, carrots, and squash which I doused with olive oil. Two bites of the mashed potatoes they brought by mistake. 1 glass Riesling.

Food diary 1/7/2012

6:15 AM: 1/3 to 1/2 lb ground lamb browned in coconut oil with 3 eggs, bunch of spinach, 10 oz store bought kombucha, coffee.
12 noon: Hot chocolate, 2 Kind bars, 1 apple, herb tea
5 PM: giant bone-in ribeye steak, roasted broccoli with olive oil, blueberries, 2 glasses white wine

Food diary 1/6/2012

10 AM: black coffee.
1:45 PM: two hamburger patties topped with grilled onions and bacon; french fries (not a lot); herb tea. This was at Voila a/k/a Le French Burger.
4 PM: herb tea.
8 PM: Dinner at LUC on Madison: pork belly, cabbage, green salad things, french fries (a lot), creamy soup of celery root, apples, bacon, something else… I am afraid it might have had flour and dairy in it because it was such a creamy puree. White wine.

I still had that slightly hungry, pleasant edge today with my two meals, despite three meals yesterday. Tons of energy; was doing handstands and cartwheels and dancing in the gym while people were working out.