Built-in rest

Today at 1:00:
Run 100m
5 L pull-ups
6 ring push-ups
5 knees to elbows
Rest for the same amount of time as the set took
4 rounds

The times were: 1:53, 1:35, 1:43, 1:49 and I confess my L pull-ups degenerated to dead hangs with a knee raise by the last two reps each time. Also I started out doing 10 ring push-ups but could not continue that unbroken, so starting in set 3 I did 6 instead. My objective with these built-in rest workouts is to do everything unbroken.

Then I deadlifted up to 5 at 165. I feel weak since returning from Mexico.

Later I had a personal training session, and when my client left Ernie (in the class going on at the same time) told me to come work out with them, so I jumped into today’s workout which was supposed to be 21-15-9 power cleans and thrusters with a barbell (RX 85 lbs for women). I didn’t want to work that hard and didn’t want to take up that much room in the crowded class, so I used two 20-lb dumbbells for a time of 4:19. Fun to work out with the group on the spur of the moment.

Yesterday and today

We got home from Mexico late Saturday night, exhausted from an extremely long travel day. Sunday: Cleans up to about 4 singles at 130 (body weight). Then back squats up to 3 x 5 at 155. Felt a pulling/stretching in my adductors, both sides, so stopped in order to hopefully not pull anything farther than it wanted to go. I was very surprised by that sensation and did not go on to do the WOD I had planned.

Today I did presses up to 3 x 3 at 80 lbs. I felt so weak! That plus the almost-pull in the adductors yesterday– from all the corn chips on vacation? Or from Saturday’s exhaustion? Anyway, I went on to do what I’d planned yesterday:

15 KB swings, 20 kg
6 knees to elbows
Rest equal to time spent working. Exercise interval has to be a sprint and unbroken sets.
Five rounds

This was a decent sprint workout. Each interval took me something like 48, 42, 39, 42, 48 seconds. I am horrible at knees to elbows. Six unbroken is a feat for me.

Mexico vacation

After practicing in the boulder-filled water near the hotel–which was a great place to see fish, including what I thought was a pufferfish (not puffed), I felt great going into an organized snorkel trip with a group. It took us to two places, Palancar Gardens and Columbia Reef. What they call a reef in Cozumel is really a stretch of water that has boulders here and there instead of sand and sea grass.

Wednesday we snorkeled at Money Bar. Lots of rocks and fish. Someone else saw a turtle but we didn’t.

Thursday we hiked the beach just north of where the east-west road meets the east coast of the island, at Meszcalero’s(?). I think that’s what it was called. We saw a rock and palm and shrub garden in the sand that we found out afterwards (by looking on our map) was a Mayan ruin. We took another look and it did seem some of the rocks were very old. We never found out anything more about how much of this site was a ruin and how much of it was just the way someone has chosen to tend the ruin. It was a very beautiful spot with slatted wood shelters for shade and a few hammocks and benches.

On the way back westwards from there, we stopped at a “cold coconut” vendor on the roadside just across the road from the entrance to the San Gervasio ruin. He was a nice guy who took our picture repeatedly, adding hats and flowers to us each time. We want to stop there again on our next trip.

Friday we snorkeled outside the hotel again, then north of town on the farthest north beach we could get to (scooter on paved road), where it was all sea grass and few rocks or fish. I did find a beautiful small conch shell that is pink on the inside. The sea grass on the white sand bottom was very pretty. Then we went back to Money Bar for a little while and saw more fish. By this time I felt like a seasoned snorkeler, with no fear of diving down and clearing my ears and snorkel. I loved it! And we loved scootering around the island in the warm weather. It was a great vacation.

Food notes: Corn chips were usually fresh-made, and I ate thousands of them, I think! More than I’ve eaten in the past several years combined, I bet. I ate a fair amount of fresh seafood that was great, often in the form of ceviche mixto. I drank a Sangria with lunch most days and then had two drinks in the evening. After the first day learned to avoid the sugary “tropical” drinks in favor of less sugary NorCal margaritas and caipirinha. The caipirinha had a little sugar, the sangrias were made with ginger ale (but were less sugary than the sweetened iced tea and lemonade otherwise available at lunch), and the bartender even added “a little” sugar to the NorCal margarita. I can understand he just wanted it to taste good. How often does he get a customer who is trying to turn a hard liquor cocktail into a health food!

Food diary Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

Normally I eat three meals on Thursday, but I didn’t feel I needed to eat in the AM, so I waited until after teaching the noon class to eat brunch.
10 AM: black coffee.
1:45 PM: two burger patties with grilled onions, truffle oil, bacon, and green salad (at Voila, aka Le French Burger), black tea; apple, blueberries when I got home ’cause I was still hungry.
Slight nagging headache.
9 PM: 8 oz salmon baked with a little olive oil on it, lots of kale sauteed in coconut oil, kombucha, blueberries, still hungry, had a few walnuts and pecans and raisins.
Took two Aleve at 9 PM for the migraine that was starting up. It went away before I went to sleep at 11:45.

Food diary Wednesday Feb. 1, 2012

9:30 AM: 6 oz ground pork browned in some coconut oil with 3 eggs and a bunch of spinach. 10 oz black coffee.

Exercise: AMRAP 10  minutes, 5 power cleans (53#), 5 push-ups, 5 knees to elbows. I only did 9 minutes because I started after my group started. I got 8 rounds.

3 PM: half a .91 lb steak, half a bunch of kale sauteed in lard. An apple. Kombucha, homemade. Water. Blueberries. An apple.

Exercise: Walked to the gym and back.

9 PM: the other half steak and kale prepared in coconut oil. Kombucha. Water. Still hungry! Hmmm.