Food diary Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

Normally I eat three meals on Thursday, but I didn’t feel I needed to eat in the AM, so I waited until after teaching the noon class to eat brunch.
10 AM: black coffee.
1:45 PM: two burger patties with grilled onions, truffle oil, bacon, and green salad (at Voila, aka Le French Burger), black tea; apple, blueberries when I got home ’cause I was still hungry.
Slight nagging headache.
9 PM: 8 oz salmon baked with a little olive oil on it, lots of kale sauteed in coconut oil, kombucha, blueberries, still hungry, had a few walnuts and pecans and raisins.
Took two Aleve at 9 PM for the migraine that was starting up. It went away before I went to sleep at 11:45.