Deadlift, snatch

Today I deadlifted and worked out in Kyle’s 9:30 class. I deadlifted up to 1 set at 195 for the third or fourth time recently. The first time it was really hard, the second time it was slightly better but the bar still wanted to get away from me, the third time I did 197 and it was hard, and today I went back to 195. I felt slightly rushed, distracted and crowded in class and by not adding more weight I felt like I could focus better. It came off the ground easily five times in a row, no resetting. I think this is the good side of feeling a bit crowded — I definitely work better if I have barbell partners who are watching. Next time, 200.

Then the WOD was:
3 power snatch from floor (115/75 lbs)
5 overhead squat
7 push-ups
9 toes to bar
5 rounds for time.  I used 65 lbs and finished in 9:20.

Filthy Fifty

In the correct order this time; last time I started in a different place as part of a group.

50 box jumps
50 jumping pull-ups (sets of 10)
50 kettlebell swings (12 kg)
50 walking lunges
50 knees to elbows (these took me six minutes by themselves)
50 pushpress 33 lbs (sets of 10-11)
50 supermans
50 wallball 12 lbs (broken up a lot)
50 burpees (slow)
50 double-unders (sets of 10 and 20)
Time: 26:52, middle of pack, don’t know if the earlier faster people modified something, such as wallball weight, or were Rx’d.

Barbells; CrossFit Open

March 22 barbells workout — Squat and press. Squat up to 3 sets of 5 at 172. Press work sets failed. I had forgotten a few important details: (1) I hadn’t been able to do five during my last one or two press workouts and (2) I’m not supposed to jump more than 2.5 lbs between workouts. I only ended up doing two sets of 3 at 76 lbs.

Yesterday: CrossFit Open 12.5, the final Open workout. Thrusters (65 lbs) and chest to bar pull-ups, 7 minutes as many as you can, starting with three of each, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc. for seven minutes. I got part way through the round of 15 for a score of 79. This workout repeated from last year but I can’t find notes on how I did!

Kettlebell swings and sprints

Monday, March 19:
Deadlift up to 195 x 5. Hard, but not as bad as the first time I tried it a couple of weeks ago.
Then the workout of the day:
Run 100m, immediately do 10 kettlebell swings (16 kg), repeat every two minutes on the minute for 7 rounds. This made me sore the next day unlike the 150 wallball and double-unders on Saturday, which surprisingly didn’t make me sore except in my thumb muscles!

CrossFit Games Open 12.4

Yesterday. 150 wallball, 14 lbs, 9′ target; 90 double-unders; 30 muscle-ups. I worked out at the last possible moment because of some delays earlier involving weather. People were arriving for the paleo potluck while I was doing my 150 wallball. It was so awesome/daunting/helpful to have Ernie, Kyle, Chris, and other people cheering for me! I made it through all the wallball and all the double-unders with about 30 seconds to spare. I jumped on the rings and tried to kip into a muscle-up even though I knew there was zero chance of getting it. I’m proud of pushing through and getting my own version of a perfect score.

Barbells on Friday

Friday, March 16:
Squat: 170 x 5 reps x 3 work sets
Press: 75 x 4 reps x 3 work sets

I failed each set on the presses on the 5th rep. I had forgotten I should only jump up to 2.5 lbs between workouts, and had jumped five pounds.

I had waited until Friday to do this workout because my triceps were so sore from the last CrossFit Open (12.3). I can see why barbell training proponents don’t like CrossFit!

CrossFit Games Open 12.3, ouch my triceps

I did this workout last Friday afternoon with one of our gym buddies, Dean. AMRAP 18 minutes: 15 box jumps, 12 pushpress 75 lbs, 9 toes to bar, every rep counts. I did over six rounds for a score of 235. I was really proud of how I pushed myself though that was a mid-pack score, at best, within my age group of women. There are sure some impressive CrossFitters! With scores like 291, 387… at my age. Age clearly is no excuse for my slight lack of conditioning.

I ended up a few days later, for about four days, with triceps so tender I couldn’t completely bend or straighten my arms! They’re better now. That workout was awesome. Do I want to work that hard more often than once a week? Not really! I’m not excited about the next Open workout, which begins with 150 wallball.

Barbells again

Yesterday I did my squats, then worked with Mike on his bench press (then Mike helped Kyle), did my presses, taught a class, then did my deadlifts.

Squat: 165 x 5 x 3 work sets
Press: 70 x 5 x 3 work sets
Deadlift (backed off from the other night’s struggle with 195): 185 x 5 x 1 work set.

Tuesday night barbell workout

Tom came in after work and after the classes were over to do his barbell workout, so I did it too.

Squat: work sets 160 X 5 X 3 sets
Bench: work sets 95 X 5 X 3 sets
Deadlift: work set 195 X 5

The deadlift set was a struggle. Like a few others in the gym have said, I’d feel more stable and stronger if I could stand wider and put my hands wider. But I’ll stick with this narrower,  more turned-out, narrower-grip Rippetoe method and back off my weights, and try to build them back up.