CrossFit Games Open 12.3, ouch my triceps

I did this workout last Friday afternoon with one of our gym buddies, Dean. AMRAP 18 minutes: 15 box jumps, 12 pushpress 75 lbs, 9 toes to bar, every rep counts. I did over six rounds for a score of 235. I was really proud of how I pushed myself though that was a mid-pack score, at best, within my age group of women. There are sure some impressive CrossFitters! With scores like 291, 387… at my age. Age clearly is no excuse for my slight lack of conditioning.

I ended up a few days later, for about four days, with triceps so tender I couldn’t completely bend or straighten my arms! They’re better now. That workout was awesome. Do I want to work that hard more often than once a week? Not really! I’m not excited about the next Open workout, which begins with 150 wallball.