Deadlift, snatch

Today I deadlifted and worked out in Kyle’s 9:30 class. I deadlifted up to 1 set at 195 for the third or fourth time recently. The first time it was really hard, the second time it was slightly better but the bar still wanted to get away from me, the third time I did 197 and it was hard, and today I went back to 195. I felt slightly rushed, distracted and crowded in class and by not adding more weight I felt like I could focus better. It came off the ground easily five times in a row, no resetting. I think this is the good side of feeling a bit crowded — I definitely work better if I have barbell partners who are watching. Next time, 200.

Then the WOD was:
3 power snatch from floor (115/75 lbs)
5 overhead squat
7 push-ups
9 toes to bar
5 rounds for time.  I used 65 lbs and finished in 9:20.